Intel Officially Launches 45nm Penryn Family

Intel Officially Launches 45nm Penryn Family

Over the course of the past few months, we've brought you detailed analysis on Intel's forward-looking products based on their 45nm Penryn core architecture.  At the time, these products were not officially launched in the various sales channels.  Today Intel has announced official full availability of a number of new processors based on their bleeding-edge 45nm High-k metal gate silicon process technology that offers both lower power consumption and higher clock speeds...


Sixteen Eco-Friendly, Faster and ‘Cooler’ Chips Incorporate 45nm
Hafnium-Based High-k Metal Gate Transistors

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Nov. 11, 2007 – Built using an entirely new transistor formula that alleviates the wasteful electricity leaks that threaten the pace of future computer innovation, Intel Corporation today unveiled 16 server and high-end PC processors. In addition to increasing computer performance and saving energy use, these processors also eliminate eco-unfriendly lead and, in 2008, halogen materials.

Called the biggest transistor advancements in 40 years by Intel Co-Founder Gordon Moore, the processors are the first to use Intel’s Hafnium-based high-k metal gate (Hi-k) formula for the hundreds of millions of transistors inside these processors. These Intel® Core™ 2 Extreme and Xeon® processors are also the first to be manufactured on the company’s 45-nanometer (nm) manufacturing process, further boosting performance and lowering power consumption.

Combining these two advancements with new processor features enables Intel to continue delivering faster and more energy-efficient processors that are better for the environment. The breakthroughs clear the path for Intel to design products that are 25 percent smaller than previous versions and, thus, more cost-effective, as well as the ability next year to pursue new ultra mobile and consumer electronics “system on chip” opportunities.

“The intellects, physics and designs that went into solving one of the industry’s most daunting challenges are awe-inspiring and I congratulate the Intel teams for this breakthrough achievement,” said Paul Otellini, Intel president and CEO. “Best yet, this feat, coupled with our industry-leading architectures, means faster and sleeker computers, longer battery life and better energy efficiency. Our objective is to bring consumers a new class of computers delivering a full Internet experience in ever-smaller, more portable form factors.”

The new 45nm (a nanometer is 1 billionth of a meter) processors boast nearly twice the transistor density of previous chips built on the company’s 65nm technology – that is up to 820 million transistors for quad-core processors, each using Intel’s new formula.

New High-End Desktop Processor

The Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650 quad core processor, the world’s first 45nm Hi-k desktop processor, delivers more of the adrenaline that hardcore gamers and media enthusiasts demand. Enhancements such as a larger L2 cache and support for new Intel® SSE4 media instructions help bring desktop performance to “extreme” new levels.

“One of our goals was to optimize Crysis in order to deliver the ultimate quality, bringing mind-blowing game play to the latest hardware,” said Dr. Douglas Binks, R&D manager, Crytek. “With the new 45nm Hi-k Intel Core 2 Extreme processors, we use multi-core technology to enable physics, particle effects and audio on separate cores, helping Crysis to create an astounding gaming experience.”

Processors using Intel 45nm Hafnium-based High-k Metal Gate transistor technology. The first transistor radio had 4 transistors. Using an entirely new transistor formula, the processor incorporate 420 million transistors for each dual core chip, and 840 million for each quad core chip.  - source Intel

Family of 45nm Server Processors; World-Record Speed

New to the Intel line-up of server processors are 15 server dual-core and quad-core 45nm Hi-k Intel Xeon processors. The 12 new quad-core chips boast clock speeds ranging from 2GHz up to 3.20GHz, with front side bus speeds (FSB) up to 1600MHz, and cache sizes of 12MB. The three new dual-core chips feature clock speeds of up to 3.40GHz, an FSB of up to 1600MHz, and cache sizes of 6MB.

The 45nm Hi-k Intel Xeon processors are compatible with server platforms using the Intel® 5000 chipset family. In addition, Intel is launching three platform solutions to support 45nm processors, including:

  • The Intel® 5400 chipset-based platform (previously codenamed “Stoakley”) that is optimized for high-bandwidth applications such as high-performance computing (HPC).
  • The Intel 5100 Memory Controller Hub chipset and Intel ICH-9R I/O controller (previously codenamed “Cranberry Lake”). These are cost-optimized solutions that support either one or two processors and also provide reduced power consumption using native DDR2 memory.
  • The Intel 3200 chipset-based platform (previously codenamed “Garlow”) that is specifically designed for single-processor entry servers.

The 45nm Hi-k Quad-Core Intel Xeon processor 5400 series sets a number of world records** on key industry-standard benchmarks. A HP Proliant DL380 G5 Server sets a new TPC-C* mark with a score of 273,666 tpmC and an SAP-SD* record with a score of 2449 SD-Users. A Dell PowerEdge* 2950 server running BEA JRockit* JVM delivered a record-breaking SPECjbb*2005 result of 303130** BOPS. Dell also sets a new virtualization performance record on VMmark benchmark running VMWare ESX Server with a score of 8.47 at 6 tiles. Using a PRIMERGY RX300 S4 Server, Fujitsu-Siemens set a new SPECint*_rate2006 record with a score of 138.


Processor Model Clock Speed TDP L2 Cache FSB Price Availability
Core™2 Extreme processor QX9650 3.0GHz 130W 12MB 1333MHz $999 NOW
Quad-core Xeon® processor X5482 3.20GHz 150W 12MB 1600MHz $1279 NOW-45 DAYS
Quad-core Xeon® processor E5472 3.00GHz 80W 12MB 1600MHz $1022 NOW-45 DAYS
Quad-core Xeon® processor X5472 3.00GHz 120W 12MB 1600MHz $958 NOW
Quad-core Xeon® processor E5462 2.80GHz 80W 12MB 1600MHz $797 NOW
Quad-core Xeon® processor X5460 3.16GHz 120W 12MB 1333MHz $1172 NOW
Quad-core Xeon® processor E5450 3.00GHz 80W 12MB 1333MHz $915 NOW
Quad-core Xeon® processor X5450 3.00GHz 120W 12MB 1333MHz $851 NOW
Quad-core Xeon® processor E5440 2.83GHz 80W 12MB 1333MHz $690 NOW
Quad-core Xeon® processor E5430 2.66GHz 80W 12MB 1333MHz $455 NOW
Quad-core Xeon® processor E5420 2.50GHz 80W 12MB 1333MHz $316 NOW
Quad-core Xeon® processor E5410 2.33GHz 80W 12MB 1333MHz $256 NOW
Quad-core Xeon® processor E5405 2.00GHz 80W 12MB 1333MHz $209 NOW
Dual-core Xeon® processor X5272 3.40GHz 80W 6MB 1600MHz $1172 30-45 DAYS
Dual-core Xeon® processor X5260 3.33GHz 80W 6MB 1333MHz $851 30-45 DAYS
Dual-core Xeon® processor E5205 1.86GHz 65W 6MB 1066Mhz $177 30-45 DAYS

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