Hykso Boxing Sensors Review: Wearable Technology And Fitness Collide

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Hykso Punch Tracking Sensors: Summary and Conclusion

Update: We have reviewed the final, shipping version of Hykso's Punch Trackers.  You can see the newer, shipping version here.

We really dug the time we’ve spent experimenting with Hykso’s Punch Tracking Sensors. Although we tested prototypes and a beta app that aren’t feature-complete, we learned a ton about our boxing workouts and now have actual, meaningful data to use as a baseline for comparison and to track progress. 
hykso sensors final
Here's What The Final Hykso Sensors Look Like...

Hykso will only be producing 3,000 kits during their initial run and the final product is expected to ship in the June / July timeframe. There is currently a 30% off promo running for pre-orders, though the company has been consistently running flash sales and other deals through its Facebook page as well. MSRP for the Hykso Punch Tracking Sensors is $219.95, which isn’t cheap, but it is in-line with some of the more advanced wearables currently on the market.

We’re going to hold off from any sort of rating, since we’ve only tested prototype devices here and the companion app isn’t quite complete, but the benefits of Hykso’s technology are immediately apparent to us. The applications for everyone from professional fighters and trainers to regular folks simply looking to learn more about their workouts are obvious, and we can’t wait to get our hands on the final shipping products. Boxing club owners could even use the sensors to hold friendly competitions among members or even as an up-sell for members that may be more serious about tracking their progress in the gym. Hykso's sensors could also offer far more meaningful data to professional broadcast events, which currently rely only on CompuBox statistics.

If Hykso's sensors have you intrigued and you're thinking about giving boxing a shot, here's a bit of inspiration that explains how and why the company developed their sensors in the first palce...

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