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Performance Summary:  The Hewlett Packard w2207 is a quality display that performed well throughout testing. It's high-gloss BrightView screen makes colors more vibrant and dark black seemed deeper than usual.  The glossiness helps to add a different dimension to watching movies or viewing photos.  The monitor's Widescreen aspect is also a plus, and if you're not watching your movies or playing games at 16:9, then just what kind of a techie are you really?  

The HP w2207's attributes help distinguish it from an ever-growing crowd of suddenly affordable high-performance, relatively large, widescreen monitors.  The Briteview screen coating certainly adds a bit of "wow" factor.  And it really adds a different dimension by bringing out colors without sacrificing clarity.  The quick response time (5ms) does away with the ghosting and streaking of LCD monitors from not too long ago, and combined with a widescreen aspect, makes gaming on the screen a great experience.

HP has also introduced a line of accessories compatible with the w2207 that allow the user to customize their desktop in a unique way.  The EasyClip accessories can be put up or taken down in seconds, without any permanent effect such as sticky residue from other add-ons.  Plus, if your in the market for a Webcam, HP offers one of those too which also clips on the same way and gave passable results.

Of course, no rose garden is ever complete without a few bugs.  HP's MyDisplay software needs some more work in our opinion.  It has few screens that can be accessed properly and doesn't instill confidence.  The w2207's built-in speakers are tinny, lacking any punch, and are at best a means to make sure your PC's sound is functional before pluggin in standalone speakers.  Input connections consist of only VGA or a single DVD-D, while their larger monitor boasted of three digital inputs.  The real kicker is the warranty, or lack thereof, however.  For a $360 investment, we feel that Hewlett Packard could do better than the single year of coverage provided. 

  • Briteview techology
  • Pivots from landscape to portrait
  • Fast pixel response time
  • HDCP compliant
  • Customizeable using EasyClip
  • Warranty and support
  • MyDisplay software
  • Speakers

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