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Well this is it, you silly freaks! The main event! Tonight we'll show you the two most smokin' overclock setups in the Hot Hardware Open Pit! Before we announce our winners I would like to comment a little on some of the Hot Hardware clientele. YOU PEOPLE NEED HELP!!!!! :-) You have way too much time on your hands and may very possibly be suffering from some strange neurotic disorder, kind of like chronic masterba... uh... never mind! :-) Seriously my Brothers and Sisters, you rock! I never knew there was such a vast group of creative and twisted minds out there! Thanks for making Hot Hardware what it is today! Whatever that is... :-)

Enough talk! On with some rockin'-clockin' action! First things first. How are we judging the Contenders? Why anyway we damn please of course! Actually I'll let you in on the criteria we used. 1. Creativity, 2. Design Approach, 3. Effectiveness, 4. The " Kahones Coefficient"

With that in mind we felt a Contender didn't have to have the slickest most high tech. rig or even the highest overclock, since that is also largely CPU dependent. Instead we feel our winners should have the most innovative and kick-ass set up we could find! So here they are!

Our King Of The Pit - Runner Up is....

Steve Lynch of Anchorage Alaska!

Now before you go thinking we just picked Steve because he was from a very cool (literally) State, take a look at his

Blown and Ducted Cool Dualies!


Here's what Steve told us about his Super Overclocked Celeron 400s on a budget!

I'm sending along a few pics of my homemade "ducting system" made from PVC "raingutter" material. For less than $10 worth of supplies, a $12 harddrive cooler and about an hour of my oh so valuable time, I came up with a cheap effective way to pipe cold air from outside the case, straight onto my Dual Celeron 400's @582mhz. I sent along a Wintune98 sheet so you could see the numbers for yourself.

I have 5 computers here at home from the bottom end (450 w/64megs, TNT and dual VooDoo2 12megs) to the top end (Dual 550's w/256megs with VooDoo3-3000) on a small LAN ( Quake3 among other network games ) and I have tons of, what I call, LOW TECH/BUDGET ideas.

I have done everything from (notice in the group computer picture ) $.99 " Y " connectors on the Monster Sound card to power 6 speakers 2 subs and a Peevey Guitar amp. . . . to using low cost knitting materials for case modifications/super ventilation that isn't permanently damaging/altering your case (see picture).

I like the Hi-tech approach with the common guy ( take me, I'm a nightclub bartender. . hehe ) in mind on a common budget. The "RainGutter550" ran at 44c/128f on the CPUtemp sensors before my little invention at 70f room temp, at the same temp they dropped all the way to 79f. . . not too awful shabby. All the while the case temp was a warm 89f. My primary goal was to keep the CPU temp BELOW case temp.... not so much a "superlowtemp".

I'm out.

Steve you're a Mad Man but we still have to rag on ya a little...

There's Steve, the guy holding the sweat shirt around the other guys neck. Dude, you look like you're about to pop that guys head off! Stop pumpin' up so much! Oh and you must have spent the money you saved on the Overclock Rig on getting those chicks to hang out with you in the shot, huh? ( jj Steve! You rock!)

And now a word from the NRA....

Steve's son... Ummm easy kid, don't hurt me... Too many Quake3 LAN parties before bed time huh Steve?! Now before you "Children and Violence" types get all bent out of shape, lighten up or I'll send Steve's little man here over to put the smack down on ya! :-)

Congratulations Steve! You won the MSI 6163Pro Motherboard!

Well, that's about it for Steve's story... As if that wasn't enough!


Let's move on to our Champion, "The King Of The Pit"!


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