HIS Excalibur X800 Pro - VIVO Edition with IceQ II



Benchmarks and Comparisons With Far Cry
DX9 effects galore.

Far Cry
It almost goes without saying that Far Cry is easily one of the most visually impressive games to be released on the PC to date.  We benchmarked the graphics cards in our test, with a custom recorded demo run taken in the "Catacombs" area checkpoint at various resolutions without AA or Aniso Filtering enabled and then with 4X AA, 4X AA and 8X Aniso and, lastly, with 4XAA and 16X Aniso enabled.


If you are a regular reader of HH, then you've probably caught my raves of FarCry from time to time.  While not the most stable, it is still one of the most entertaining and visually impressive titles out today.  With its impressive visuals comes a lot of overhead, making FarCry an excellent benchmark for today's newer cards.  With the first round of tests, the X800 Pro managed to keep above 60 FPS throughout, peaking at 87.62 with No AA and 64.1 with the 4X AA/16X Aniso test.  At 1600 x 1200, all the cards tested began to feel the stress of the maximum visual quality of FarCry.  With No AA enabled, the X800 Pro topped out over 50 FPS compared to the 6800's 37 FPS.  With 4X AA enabled, the two cards evened out, with the 6800 barely registering a drop.  Once Anisotropic Filtering was enabled, it was the X800 Pro that barely blinked, while the 6800 dropped a minimum of 15 FPS.  With all the visuals set for maximum, the 5900XT tried to stay afloat at 1024 x 768, but ultimately was outclassed altogether.

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