Hands On with Dell's 27-inch P2714T Touch Monitor

Subjective Analysis

While DisplayMate lays out a monitor's performance in black and white (and blue and green and red and...), we also take into consideration a subjective analysis. After all, you're not purchasing a monitor to view test patterns for hours on end. To see how the P2714T performs in the real world, we viewed a series of high definition movies and fired up a few games. Torturous, we know, but hey, you guys are worth every minute of our entertainment.
Subjective Tests
HD Movie Playback and Gaming

  Godzilla @ 1080P

Compared to the plethora of inexpensive TFT monitors in the wild, Dell's P2714T runs circles around them all. Unlike cheaper panels, you don't have to worry about sitting directly in front of the P2714T, which uses a PLS panel. This means you and a roommate can watch a flick without jockeying for that prime spot in the middle.

As for how the P2714T compares with high-end IPS panels we've had in for review, the colors were a little more washed out, and darker scenes lacked the same level of detail. This is to be expected since Dell's stretching a 1920x1080 resolution across 27 inches of real estate. That said, P2714T is able to produce a bright image, and as mentioned above, viewing angles are just as generous. Even though the experience doesn't match what top shelf monitors offer, the overall experience is by no means bad.

Dirt 2 @ 1920x1080

Dell doesn't pitch the P2714T as a gaming panel, and if you're a hardcore gamer with multiple graphics cards (or a single beefy GPU), you're better served with a panel that offers a 2560x1600 resolution (or thereabouts). If your demands aren't quite as heavy, the P2714T is a surprisingly good fit for gaming. We noticed only minor ghosting in fast moving titles, but otherwise it was free from unwanted artifacts. The same complaints we mentioned for movie watching apply here as well, only they weren't as noticeable when playing games. We don't recommend paying a premium to pick up this monitor strictly for gaming, but if you're in need of a touch panel, it's above average gaming performance is certainly a welcome bonus.

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