Enermax EG451PVE ATX 2.03 Power Supply

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The Enermax EG451P-VE ATX 2.03 Power Supply
Big Clean Power For Your High End System

By Dave Altavilla - November 30, 2000


Let's do a little "case study" here.  All puns intended literally, let's take a look at all the different components inside your computer case.  OK, so we have the Processor, Motherboard, Graphics Card, SDRAM Modules, Hard Drive, CD/DVD-ROM Drives and CD Burner, Sound Card, Modem, Network Card and what the heck, let's throw in two case fans for intake and exhaust and a CPU Cooling Fan.  Each and every one of these devices draws power.  All together, they draw A LOT of power.


Today's power supplies are changing with the times out of necessity.  They have better power handling capabilities, better cooling features and power saving features as well.  The little meek 235 watt Power Supply of the past is no longer able to handle the demands of the Performance PC of today.  In this short piece, we are going to look at Power Supply that is more than up for the challenge of providing all of the components of your system with clean robust power.  


The Enermax  EG451P-VE was supplied to us by our good friends at Outside Loop Computers.  These folks know how to find and stock very high quality products and this Power Supply is made of the "good stuff".


Specifications and Construction Of The Enermax EG451P-VE
You never thought a Power Supply could be this hip, did you?





  • 431 Watts
  • ATX - Meets AMD K7 and Intel 2.03 Version
  • AMD desirable Thermal Mechanical Configuration - 
    Dual cooling fan design : intake fan for heat, and exhaust
  • ATX Power Cable Tube Tied for neatness
  • Equipped with 6pin AUX and 4pin 12V (ATX 12V) power connectors
  • Gold-coated terminals for high performance and faint resistance improvement
  • Fan speed monitoring cable connector for motherboards that support this
  • Ball bearing fan with thermal control function
  • Very Quiet
  • High MTBF - (Mean Time Between Failures)


Just from the looks of this unit, you will note that it is made of very high quality materials.  First, the internal design is VERY clean.  With many Power Supplies, if you take the cover off, you will notice that things look like they have pretty much been thrown in there.  Perhaps that is because there are many "leaded" and bulky components that have to go into a Power Supply designs or perhaps it is because they have to be low cost and thus care and time (time is money) is not taken to lay things out neatly.  Regardless, the Enermax units look clean as a whistle and are made up of high quality transformers, capacitors, transistors, chokes/filters, heat sinks and wiring.


On a side note, the ATX cable harness is bound together with a mesh tubing that really neatens up the cable itself inside your case.  Once again, quality is evident throughout this product.  Speaking of cables and connectors, let's look at some of the new connections that are available with this ATX 2.03 compatible unit.




There are two new connectors for Auxiliary Power and ATX12V.  Both of these connection are required for the new Pentium 4 / RAMBUS - i850 based motherboards and perhaps will also be required for future "Brookdale" chipset based Intel boards as well as other high end motherboards.  The AUX connector looks like half of an AT style power connector and the ATX12V (for a 12 Volt source) is a unique 4 pin setup.


Now that you've seen the construction and hook-ups of this obviously "beefy" power source, let's check out installing it and the performance characteristics.




Installation, a word on performance and the conclusion


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