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 Elsa's Erazor III & Revelator 3D Eye Glasses !

A Dynamic Duo!




Well, needless to say, we did put the Erazor III through its paces. Overall we expected to see a bit of a hit in various framerates due to the Erazor III's lower clock frequencies. What we discovered was a little surprising. Check it out....

Our Test System 

Full Tower ATX Case w/ 300W PS, Pentium3 -450 Overclocked to 558 MHz. SY-6BA+III Motherboard, 64MB of PC100 CAS2 RAM, IBM Deskstar 10GXP 10GB 7200 RPM EIDE UDMA Hard Drive, Elsa Erazor III, Toshiba SDM1202 3rd. Gen. 4.8X DVD/32X CDROM, Win 98, DirectX 6.1, Elsa Display Driver Version 1.0100-0012

Erazor III Tested @ 140 MHz. Core Clock and 145 MHz. Memory Clock speeds


Quake 2 V3.20 Benchmarks

Ah, what a difference a driver revision makes! The Erazor III actually scores higher in the lower resolutions than the Leadtek Winfast S320II we tested over a month ago. Again, the drivers we used for this test are straight off the Elsa Web Site. We felt it was only fair to test the card with these drivers since they are the only ones that will let you run the Revelator Glasses. Perhaps reference drivers from Nvidia may yield even better performance.


The 3DMark 99 Max scores show the limitations of the lower core and memory clock speeds. Still, this is a very good showing for the Elsa board.


As usual the TNT2 chipset of the Erazor III shows what an excellent Windows performer it is. Again, Desktop Image Quality, is a strong suite for this board as well.

Obligatory Screen Shots!

Click Here and Here For Original TGAs(right click to save as file)

Click the thumbnails for JPEGs - All full size shots @ 1024X768 (700K+ files)

Ah Quake 3 at full 32 bit color... Splendiferous! (that is a real word... honest...) :-)

We'll wrap it up short and sweet!

The Erazor III and Revelator Glasses from Elsa Scored a Temp-O- Meter Rating of...

85 ! When it's hot, get those shades on quick!

-Dave Altavilla

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