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Plextor PX-716A Specifications


Specifications for Plextor's PX-716A DL DVD+/- R/RW Drive
The much-anticipated arrival of Plextor

•16x DVD+R writing / 8x DVD+RW rewriting / 16x DVD+R reading
•16x DVD-R writing / 4x DVD-RW rewriting / 16x DVD-R reading
•48x CD-R writing / 24x CD-RW rewriting / 48x CD-ROM reading
•8.5GB Dual-Layer Technology @ 6x
•AutoStrategy develops a writing routine for media types not listed in the drive's internal catalog
•IntelligentTilt ensures optimal recording through liquid crystal and 3D adjustment
•PowerRec adjusts laser power and write speed on a per-disc basis
•8MB internal buffer
•GigaRec enables high-capacity storage  of up to 900MB on a 700MB disc
•Horizontal and vertical operation
•Supports DVD+R write speed at 2.4x, 4x, 6x, 8x, 12x, and 16x
•Supports DVD+RW write speed at 2.4x, 4x, and 8x
•Supports DVD+R DL write speed at 2x, 2.4x, 4x, and 6x
•Supports DVD-R write speed at 2x, 4x, 6x, 8x, 12x and 16x
•Supports DVD-RW write speed at 1x, 2x and 4x
•Supports CD-R write speed at 4x, 10x, 16x, 24x, 32x, 40x, and 48x
•Supports CD-RW write speed at 4x, 8x, 16x, and 24x

Retail Package
PX-716A Writer

Quick-start guide
Roxio Easy Media Center 7, Roxio PhotoSuite 7, Roxio DVDMax player
Audio Cable
Mounting Screws

Blank DVD+R media
Replacement front bezel (black)

Quality and Setup of the Plextor PX-716A DL DVD+/- R/RW Drive
A Little More Of The Same

It's no secret that Plextor charges a premium for its products, which are in turn generally embraced by the enthusiast community. The PX-716A, available in parallel ATA and Serial ATA interfaces, includes a respectable bundle that features Roxio's Easy Media Center 7, Roxio PhotoSuite 7, DVDMax Player, and a trial version of Dantz Retrospect. You'll also find a replacement black bezel, an ATA cable, spare DVD+R media, and a massive 125-page users manual that covers every possible aspect of the PX-716A's feature set.



One of the most prevalent reasons to tap Plextor's lineup is fantastic support. Consistent firmware updates fix initial glitches and in many cases, add functionality. The latest PX-716A update does both, improving write quality, reading performance, and the AUTOSTRATEGY feature, as well as adding support for 2x DVD-R DL media and support for writing at 6x on qualified +R DL discs.

And then there's the exhaustive list of features proffered by the Plextor PX-716A. AUTOSTRATEGY, to begin, identifies unknown media with questionable quality characteristics and develops a customized write strategy for that disc. IntelligentTilt employs liquid crystal and tilt-adjustment in order to maintain proper alignment on uneven surfaces. PowerRec adjusts laser power and write speed on a per-disc basis.

The value-added features include GigaRec, which allows up to 900MB of capacity on standard 700MB discs, Q-Check, for reporting disc quality, SilentMode, to slow the spin-up/down process, and SecureRecording for password-protected discs.

Priced at $139 (available online below $100), the Plextor PX-716A establishes itself as one of the priciest dual-layer products in our roundup. Nevertheless, dedication to support and a comprehensive feature set help justify that price to higher-end users. We'd prefer Nero to the bundled Roxio suite; however, that's a somewhat minor qualm next to industry-leading DVD-R DL support and 6x DVD+R DL capabilities.

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