Dell UltraSharp UP3214Q 4K Ultra HD Monitor Review

Dell UltraSharp UP3214Q Calibration, Controls And Testing

There are several preset modes to toggle through when using the UP3214Q. They include Standard, Multimedia, Movie, Game, Paper, Color Temp, Color Space, and Custom Color.

Like the U3011, Dell went with a combination of touch sensitive buttons to navigate the OSD along with a physical power button. The touch sensitive buttons glow white when you tap them. We found the controls to be responsive and better than most touch sensitive controls, some of which have a tendency to outright ignore finger taps or exhibit lag.
    There's a fair amount to play with here if you want to fine-tune the monitor, though it's worth reiterating that Dell factory calibrates these panels before sending them out -- that's part of the reason for the pricing premium.

    Calibration (DisplayMate)
    Menus and Options

    DisplayMate Test Screens

    We're now using DisplayMate for Windows ( as part of our monitor evaluation process. DisplayMate's smorgasbord of tests allow us to root out potential problems areas, such as geometry distortion and color inaccuracies, to name just two.

    Starting with the negatives, we noticed a bit of jitter in DisplayMate's pixel tracking tests, which later reared its head during the Moire test. Black levels performance could have been better too, which you can adjust somewhat using the brightness and contrast controls, sometimes at the expense of color accuracy. However, light leakage wasn't a problem with our unit.

    On the flip side, white level performance is excellent, and we also found gray-scale performance to be above par. The UP3214Q is able to splash vivid and crisp colors across the screen that are comparable to some of the highest end monitors we've reviewed, which is especially important if your livelihood depends on photography or a related field.

    DisplayMate includes a handful of photos to cycle through, plus we use our own collection. The UP3214Q handled them all with aplomb, especially high resolution photos where details are everything. Given what we've seen from other IGZO monitors, we were a bit surprised the UP3214Q did as well as it did, in terms of passing muster for professional use case scenarios.

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