CES 2009 Highlights and Photo-Report

MSI and Seagate

MSI used CES 2009 to unveils a slew of new products ranging from an all-in-one type desktop PC to a sleek netbook that takes some styling cues from the Macbook Air. 




MSI's Wind NetOn all-in-one systems feature widescreen, 16:9 aspect LCD screens and are built around Intel's dual-core Atom 330 processor, coupled to the 945 chipset, DDR2 memory, and 250GB SATA hard drives. The systems also feature built-in webcams, slim-line optical drives, and a dock to store the keyboard when not in use, to free desk space and minimize clutter.

Also on display were MSI's colorful MS-9A08 Wind Box PCs, which feature tiny enclosures that can be mounted to the back of any LCD that has standard VESA mounting hardware. The units pictured here used the Intel G45 chipset and could support 45nm Core 2 and Celeron processors. MSI's GT series gaming notebooks were on display too, running the upcoming games Mirror's Edge, as were various Wind U-series and the new X-Slim series netbooks. Lots of cool stuff to see in MSI's booth. 


We also made a stop in Seagate's booth to see what they had in store. In addition to a slew of desktop and mobile hard drives, Seagate was showing off their new FreeAgent Theater device. The FreeAgent Theater connects directly to a TV and works in conjunction with Seagate's FreeAgent portable hard drives, to playback various digital media directly on the set. It connects to the TV via S-Video, Component or Composite cables (no HDMI unfortunately) and the FreeAgent drives simply slide into a slot on the front. Whatever digital media is stored on the drive, can be viewed on the TV. The unit is capable of zooming into and out of pictures and videos, and can also automatically produce slide-shows using any directory of images with any audio files also saved in the folder.

Seagate was also showing of a new, user serviceable, dual-drive RAID capable NAS device bearing the Maxtor brand, and a host of set-top boxes and vehicle-based devices that use Seagate drives.

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