BFG's GeForce FX 5900XT OC

A Closer Look / Screenshots

Closer inspection of the BFG GeForce FX 5900XT OC
Twitching for something new



Much like the bundle, the card itself was stream-lined, containing only the basics. We've got a standard green PCB, with brushed aluminum heatsinks over the 2.8ns Hynix memory.  All of the memory chips are found on the front side of the card, leaving the backside completely bare. The heatsink/fan placed over GPU is rated at 5000 rpm, is also constructed of the same brushed aluminum as the heatsinks, and comes adorned with BFG's mascot, Twitch. On the bracket, we found the typical connectors for VGA, S-Video, and a DVI port for digital connections. At the opposite end, there was a four pin MOLEX connector used to power the card. By and large, there's not much that differentiates the appearance of this card from other manufacturers. 


Removal of the heatsink from the GPU is quick and easy, requiring that two retention pins be pinched and pulled free of the holes on the card. Underneath, we found a healthy amount of silicone-based thermal paste.  After a little clean-up, we see the 5900XT in all its glory. By itself, the fan doesn't look to be anything special; it's thin, with fins that encapsulate the fan in the middle, and puts out very little noise. We might have expected something bulkier considering the card is already overclocked, and thus running hotter than normal, but BFG has faith in the heatsink/fan provided. Of course, should this card fail somewhere down the road, BFG will replace the card under their lifetime warranty.

Some quality screen shots
Look what's back in the labs

Benchmark numbers aren't the only way to compare graphics cards, comparing their image quality is just as important.  The operative word here is graphics, and what good is the fastest card if the quality isn't up to the same standards as the competition?   We took some screen captures of Unreal Tournament 2004, with anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering enabled.  For a more exhaustive comparison between the 5900XT and it's rival, the 9600XT, please check out this link:
Unreal Tournament 2004 Screen shots 
No AA 2x AA
4x AA 4x AA + Aniso

The Unreal series of games is known for the hectic game play and the outstanding graphics. It was a bit of a challenge, however, to find the kind of scene we were looking for until we came across a swinging skylight during the single player session. What makes this area perfect for comparisons is the juxtaposition of the beams on the ceiling and cross-sections of the skylight window, as well as the hanging branch. Without any driver optimizations, the beams and especially the branch suffer from "jaggies" - jagged lines where the graphic edges are sloped. Zoom in on the mid-section of the branch for best results. Enabling Anti-aliasing in the driver's control panel smoothes out these jagged edges so that at 4x AA we're looking at much cleaner lines throughout.  Applying some Anisotropic Filtering further cleans up the image.  It brings out some detail that might not be normally be missed such as the textures in the stone bricks along the sides.


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