ASUS PB278Q 27-inch WQHD Monitor Review

Performance Summary & Conclusion

Performance Summary: We came away mostly impressed with the ASUS PB278Q. The 27-inch panel proved especially adept at handling game play, where it delivered fast moving visuals free from artifacts like ghosting or motion blur. Backlight bleeding was non-existent, and black level performance was superb in sRGB mode. There were some minor trouble areas, including some overshooting in the video bandwidth test. Colors weren't as deep and rich as we've seen on some higher quality displays, and we also detected a bit of flicker in DisplayMate's Moire interference test pattern. None of these issue were particularly severe, especially considering this is one of the least expensive 27-inch monitors on the market.


ASUS may not have hit a grand slam with the PB278Q, but it's a solid stand-up triple. Gamers looking for a large screen monitor with a high resolution and great performance should take particular note of this panel, which is capable of displaying fast moving action without distracting artifacts.

Enthusiasts and professionals should also be intrigued with the PB278Q. We're a little disappointed that it doesn't come with a built-in USB hub or media card reader, but the flexible stand and ability to rotate into portrait mode are welcome features. We also like that it has HDMI connectivity, a port we sometimes take for granted until we run across a monitor that doesn't include one.

What ASUS has ultimately done is provide a compelling alternative to the pricey 30-inch panels on the market, and even the more expensive 27-inch monitors. Out of the dozen monitors with the same high-end 2560x1440 resolution as this one, the PB278Q is the least expensive of the bunch at $700. It's also right around $500 cheaper than the lowest priced 30-inch monitor, so there's a strong value proposition here.

Graphics professionals who demand the absolute best that money can buy may want to consider spending more on an IPS display. For everyone else, the PB278Q is a fine choice, especially gamers.



  • Rotates into portrait mode
  • Great for playing games
  • HDMI connectivity
  • Solid performance and image quality
  • Least expensive monitor around with a 2560x1440 resolution
  • DisplayMate revealed a few minor trouble spots
  • No memory card reader or USB hub

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