ASUS MG279Q 144Hz IPS FreeSync Monitor Review

ASUS MG279Q Summary and Conclusion

We really like the ASUS MG279Q. This display hits a plethora of high notes; it supports Adaptive-Sync / FreeSync, is highly adjustable and tweakable, it has plenty of inputs, a nice IPS panel, and supports up to a 144Hz refresh rate. And on top of all that, its relatively thin bezels and sleek design language just plain look good too. If you haven’t bought a monitor in a few years, the ASUS MG279Q is most likely an upgrade in almost every way for the vast majority of you.  

asus MG279Q R2
The ASUS MG279Q 144Hz IPS FreeSync Monitor, Find It At Amazon.Com

Monitors like the ASUS MG279Q force enthusiasts and gamers to make a tough decision. I have been using a high-end 4K display on my main workstation for quite a while now. I love the sharpness, color uniformity, and immense pixel real estate available. But the display maxes out at only 60Hz and some applications still look funky on HiDPI displays. Now that relatively high-quality IPS panels are available with high refresh rates in displays like the ASUS MG279Q, in lieu of lower quality TN panels that aren’t as accurate and have poor viewing angles, choosing between pixel density and high refresh rates is much more difficult. The buttery smoothness of using a high refresh rate on the desktop, and while gaming, is very enticing and the IPS panel produces some very nice imagery.

Overall, the ASUS MG279Q is a top notch monitor. It’s not perfect, but it’s still excellent and we’d highly recommend it for anyone in the market for a quality, FreeSync compatible monitor. If the 35 – 90Hz FreeSync limitation wasn’t present, and we didn’t see any ghosting, there’d be very little not to like about the MG279Q. And as it is, those are minor quibbles. Adaptive refresh rate technologies are most useful in that range and the ghosting wasn’t significant enough to detract from our gaming experience. Though somewhat pricey at about $579 currently, the MG279Q’s asking price is easily justifiable thanks to its IPS panel, high refresh rate, and support for Adaptive Sync / FreeSync.

  • High Refresh Rates
  • Good Looks
  • IPS Panel
  • FreeSync Support
  • Physical Buttons That Work!
  • Thin Bezels
  • Price Premium
  • 35 - 90Hz FreeSync Caveat

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