AOC Q29630 29" UltraWide IPS LED Monitor Review

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Performance Summary & Conclusion

Performance Summary: AOC impressed us on multiple fronts with its Q2963PM. In our gauntlet of DisplayMate tests, the Q2963PM impressed us with excellent color reproduction and sharp text, even when dealing with small fonts. Photos popped, and movies looked great due to the monitor's ability to handle extreme ends of the spectrum (dark and light scenes). There was a bit of white saturation that was revealed in DisplayMate, but nothing overly concerning, nor was it a burden on real-world performance.


AOC's first attempt at offering an ultra-wide display is a mostly successful one. We applaud AOC for choosing an IPS panel over a cheaper TFT display. Sure, AOC could have offered consumers a lower price monitor by opting for a less expensive panel, but it would have sacrificed picture quality and, equally important, risked introducing anomalies on the edges from working with such a wide viewing angle. This is an area where IPS panels excel and it was obvious choice to run with one here.

Multitaskers benefit the most from a monitor like this, especially with the features AOC built into the panel, such as picture-in-picture (PIP), picture-by-picture (PBP), and a screen splitter function. With all that horizontal real estate to play with, AOC effectively delivers a dual-monitor experience in a space friendly package that's noticeably less bulky than most 30 inch monitors.

Not all is a rose garden, however. We ran into some thorns in our time with the Q2963PM, most notably in the form of missing features. There's no built-in USB hub, the included speakers are dreadful, you can only tilt the stand, there aren't any cable routing features, and this panel begs to be rotated into portrait mode for surfing the web, though it's not an option. None of these by themselves are deal killers, but collectively, they dampen our enthusiasm over an otherwise wonderful monitor.

Take note of our gripes and then decide if any those features matter to you. If not, the Q2963PM is an easy recommendation, especially in its very reasonable price range, for those who might be considering a dual-display setup. 



  • Lots of horizontal screen real estate
  • Negates the need for two monitors
  • Excellent color reproduction
  • Capable gaming monitor
  • IPS panel
  • No USB hub
  • Can't rotate panel into portrait mode
  • Crappy built-in speakers

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