AMD Radeon Pro Duo Benchmarked And Tested

Radeon Pro Duo 3DMark Fire Strike And Far Cry Primal Performance

3DMark Fire Strike has multiple benchmark modes: Normal mode runs at 1920x1080, Extreme mode targets 2560x1440, and Ultra runs at 4K. GPU target frame buffer utilization for normal mode is 1GB and the benchmark uses tessellation, ambient occlusion, volume illumination, and a medium-quality depth of field filter. The more taxing Extreme mode targets 1.5GB of frame buffer memory and increases detail levels across the board. Extreme mode, and the more taxing 4K mode, are explicitly designed for CrossFire / SLI systems.

Futuremark 3DMark Fire Strike
Synthetic DirectX Gaming

3DMark Fire Strike

Radeon Pro Duo FireStrike Extreme Performance

Here's an interesting first result for the dual Fiji GPU-powered Radeon Pro Duo in terms of standard 3D gaming benchmark metrics. As you can see, the card's overall 3DMark score was slightly higher than a pair of GeForce GTX 980 Ti cards in SLI, though its graphics score was lower. This is the first indication that the on-board multi-GPU CrossFire scaling efficiency of the Radeon Pro Duo is excellent, and frees up some additional CPU resources. If you compare this to the single Radeon R9 Nano score, this is confirmed, further showing the Pro Duo to be roughly 78 percent faster.

Far Cry Primal Benchmarks 
DX11 Dunia 2 Engine Performance

Far Cry Primal is an action adventure game set in prehistoric times where your character carries out survival mode skills with melee weapons like spears, clubs, bows and slings. Developed at Ubisoft Montreal, it's good clean fun to be sure, and sports cutting-edge effects courtesy of the Dunia 2 engine. Dunia 2 is only loosely based on the Far Cry engine and offers effects like global illumination, volumetric lighting, dynamic fire propagation, a realistic weather system, and realistic facial expressions. The engine supports Direct X 10 and Direct X 11 code paths and looks fantastic. 

Far Cry Primal Screen Shot 625

Radeon Pro Duo Far Cry Primal Performance

Here we see the Radeon Pro Duo right on top of a dual GeForce GTX 980 SLI setup, with near identical numbers at 4K Ultra quality settings. Multi-GPU scaling as you can see here is also slightly better than NVIDIA's solution with the Radeon Pro Duo offering a 95 percent performance improvement over a single Radeon R9 Nano, where a pair of 980 Ti cards in SLI shows a roughly 83 percent performance uplift over a single card.

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