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The Cadillac of Voodoo3!

The 3dfx Voodoo3-3500TV

In every market, whether you are selling Cars, Tupper-Ware, or 3D Video Cards, there is always a place for the high end. These types of products have all the bells and whistles and are tweaked, buffed and tuned for ultimate performance. This review is about the "Cadillac" of Voodoo3 Cards. This is no luxury sedan though. This is more like an "STS" Model, trimmed up with all the toys and a power plant under the hood that will bring out the Teenager in you.

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  • Voodoo3 Integrated 128-Bit 2D/3D and video accelerator
  • Real-Time MPEG-2 Video and Audio Capture
  • Intelligent TV - Tuner, Digital VCR and FM Tuner
  • VisualReality? Multimedia control application w/ Skin Technology
  • 8 Million Polygons per second peak processing
  • 183MHz Core Clock Speed
  • 2.93 GB per second peak bandwidth
  • 16MB High-Speed SDRAM memory (5.5ns)
  • AGP 2x Models Available.
  • Custom Designed "AVPod" For Instant Multimedia Access

We don't need to get into too much detail on what a Voodoo3 card can do for your machine. If you want more detail on the bits and bytes of Voodoo3, look here at our V3-3000 Review. However, what you see in the above image is a combination of multimedia technologies highly integrated into the original Voodoo3 design and then 3dfx added the turbo-charger. This board sports a 183 MHz. Voodoo3 Core, Higher Speed SDRAM Memory at 5.5ns., TV and FM Tuners and an Image/Video Capture engine.

Lastly, 3dfx decided to make life easy on you. They have designed something called the AVPod and a Cable Assembly that allows the user to converge all of the technologies on their desktop. Gone are the days of crawling down behind your computer to hook up that Video or Audio Cable. The Pod sits on your desk just begging for connectivity. Hey baby... want to see my pod? :-)

The Nerve Center of the V3-3500TV - The AVPod

Like the Spinal Cord connected to the Brain Stem, this little hockey puck ties it all together.

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