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Setting Standards In 3D Graphics

THE Technology Summit Report! - July 30, 1999


Hooray For Hollywood!

No this isn't a Broadway show, this is the real deal. Or perhaps, depending on your perspective, the digitally animated artificial deal! :-) Regardless, 3dfx will bring to your PC these new features which will take your experience to more much realistic levels.

Motion Blur

Otherwise known as Temporal Anti-Aliasing, Motion Blur gives the user a sense of speed and movement. Images will move smoothly in transition from one frame to the next. The "T Buffer" will take multiple samples of a scene or an object in a scene, at various points in time, to bring in this effect. An example would be that your character now in Quake3 will appear be more fluid and have better resolution of its movement in a given scene.

There are also various effects that can be created to simulate "relative motion" or motion as an object relates to its environment. For instance, an object can remain sharp and in focus while the background of a scene is blurred to produce a sense of speed and movement. You can also blur the object itself and achieve yet another effect. Here's what we're talking about with respect to Motion Blur. Look for yourself!

click image


Depth of Field Blur

Also known as Focal Anti-Aliasing, DOF Blur will give you the effect that your own vision generates when looking at something in the foreground against a given background or vice versa. For example, when you are looking at the Bikini-Clad Bombshell on the beach towel two spaces down from you, the rest of the scene behind her, will be out of focus naturally in your effort to view this babe that is closer to you. This effect has been used for a long time, in movies and it really emphasizes what the director or producer wants you to focus on in a scene. This is yet another effect that has never been done in PC gaming. A side benefit could also be that a game designer can blur your vision when you have taken damage and are a little shaken up by the blow! Let's check out DOF Blur....

click image

That's it for the blurry eyed stuff! Let's move out! 

 Something is lurking in the shadows over here! ------------------------>


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