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Setting Standards In 3D Graphics

THE Technology Summit Report! - July 30, 1999

So how is that for fan fare?! The good folks at 3dfx invited us to their Super-Top-Secret Technology Summit on Tuesday, July 27th. Several Webmasters and Technical Writers from various web sites were invited down to this exclusive little party inside the ultra cool confines of 3dfx Headquarters in San Jose California. A big thanks go out to our gracious hosts Scott Sellers - Chief Technical Officer, Marla Kertzman- Direcfor of Public Relations and our good buddy Brian Burke - Public Relations Manager!

Since I was in the process of moving Hot Hardware Headquarters to our new home base location, our on the scene reporter was none other than.....

Bob "I used to be a Miller-Man now I do Guinness" Gagnon!

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, Bob Gagnon was "Nation-Wide" and on the scene just to score the goods for you! Bob is a personal friend and Technical Writer for Hot Hardware. We really appreciate him making the 12 Hour round trip effort so that we all could benefit. I am just posting the data dump from Bob, so it is my turn to pick up the next round after this! :-) Now, we'll just clam up and give you the juice!


"Closing the gap between Digital Hollywood and the PC" - 3dfx

What makes a Technology Innovator vrs. a follower is something you can't package, market or sell. What makes up an innovator is something called "vision". Since their start in 1994, the people at 3dfx have had a vision and passion for their work that has made them the true innovators they are today. The next innovation of 3dfx's horizon is the essence of the caption you see above. 3dfx intends to bring us one step closer to the Real-Time "Hollywood" Digital Animation and Interactivity. They believe they can make the gaming experience as realistic as watching one of today's high tech digitally animated films, like "A Bugs Life" and "Toy Story".

In order to do this, 3dfx once again will be bringing to market new innovations in 3D Graphics that will take us all to the next level of immersion. To date, we are aware of no other Graphics Chipset Vendor or Card Manufacturer that will be able to boast these types of effects, scene enhancements and Consumer PC 3D technologies.
Please read on... We will tell you all about it! ------------>

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