ZeroSpyware 2005 Review, Life Without The Internet, and more!

Tonight, a little article from The Tech Zone appeared in the news box... Life without the Internet? Could I do it? Could you? To some degree, it would be all right. The boredom would be horrendous... and you know, no news. Actually I have gone without the internet for extended periods of time, unfortunately my cable company didn't really give me a choice. Goodnight all, enjoy the news.

Coming Attraction: Intel(R) Viiv™ Technology

Intel Unveils New Platform Brand for Digital Entertainment in the Home


INTEL DEVELOPER FORUM, SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 24, 2005 - A new kind of personal computer (PC) will premiere in homes early next year when Intel Corporation introduces Intel(R) Viiv™ technology designed to enrich consumers' enjoyment of digital entertainment.

Working together with a variety of Intel-verified consumer electronics devices, online services and software -- including movies, music, photos and games -- Intel Viiv (pronounced "vive" and rhymes with "five") technology, disclosed for the first time at the Intel Developer Forum today, will help usher in a new era of entertainment choices for consumers. PCs based on Intel Viiv technology will be easy to use with a remote control and will be powered by a suite of Intel technologies, including a dual-core processor, chipset, platform software and wired networking capabilities.

"Intel Viiv technology is our first platform designed from the ground up for the digital home, where consumers are passionate about the idea of accessing their content anytime, anywhere in their home on a number of devices," said Don MacDonald, vice president and general manager, Intel Digital Home Group. "Following the success of Intel
(R) Centrino™ mobile technology, we are applying a similar branding strategy to our new digital home platform composed of Intel's latest PC technologies. Intel Viiv technology marks the intersection point where innovation, a multitude of digital devices, first-class entertainment and state of the art technology converge to put consumers in more control of experiencing digital entertainment on their own terms."

The Intel Viiv technology brand name communicates the excitement, vibrancy and vividness of the latest technologies that enable people to have a great entertainment experience in the home.

Sneak Preview of Intel Branded Platform for Digital Home PCs Consumers will be able to get Intel Viiv technology-based systems in a variety of form factors -- from small, sleek consumer electronic-type designs (similar to a stereo component or DVD player), to more traditional desktop or tower designs.

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Scary Thoughts - Life Without The Internet @ The Tech Zone

"However, the big shock to my system came with the realization that for a period of time during those days I was extremely bored. It was fine while I was working, but afterwards without the Internet to distract me, I had nothing to do for the remainder of any working day. The evenings were fine because I have a very active social life, so no problem, but it did get me thinking about how the absence of the Internet might affect the majority of us in one way or another."

ZeroSpyware 2005 Review @ ASE Labs

"With more and more spyware being released daily, it's likely that most Windows users have plenty of invasive and resource-hogging software unknowingly clogging up their system. ZeroSpyware aims to take care of the problem, and protects your computer at the same time. It is a worthy addition to your spyware arsenal."

Foxconn NF4UK8AA-8EKRS Motherboard Review @ HTPCnews

"The majority of the socket 939 motherboard market is dominated with motherboards that have only two or three PCI slots. and as most HTPC users know, that just will not cut it! No thanks to the current lack of PCIe devices such as HDTV tuners and PVR cards HTPC users need as many PCI slots as possible..."

XSPC Passive Aluminium Reservoir @ Viperlair

"Since this is a passive cooling device it won't make huge reductions in the temperature of your watercooling setup. What it will do is keep the temperatures low even when you lower your radiator fan/noise levels, allowing you to further silence your system. It'll look good doing it and won't cost a bomb either."

Nextherm ICS 8200 Air-conditioned Case Reviewed @ MetkuMods | Image

"Nextherm ICS 8200 isn't trying to be the prettiest case on the block but it is here to offer some new ideas and design concepts. Case can do a lot more than just provide the mounting points for the various computer components."