AMD Zen 5 Turin Leak Points To Support For 4TB Of DDR5-6000 RAM On Next-Gen CPUs


It's well known among enthusiasts that AMD's Ryzen processors benefit tremendously from high memory clocks, especially in multi-threaded applications. This isn't down to the memory bandwidth increase (although that can help), but more about the increased clock rate for the CPU's Infinity Fabric. That means that the CPU cores can talk to each other more quickly, reducing core-to-core latency.

The company's EPYC processors are pretty different from its Ryzen chips, but they have a lot of commonalities, and the use of Infinity Fabric to connect both cores and chiplets is one of those shared aspects. As a result, high memory speed can help out EPYC chips too, but the current Genoa processors only support DDR5 transfer rates up to 4800 MT/s officially—quite a bit behind the 6000 MT/s that AMD's desktop Ryzen CPUs can hit.

momomo epyc turin tweet

Well, it looks like AMD's future EPYC "Turin" processors based on its upcoming "Zen 5" CPU architecture may well support that same DDR5-6000 memory standard. It looks that way because of a motherboard spec sheet spotted by regular leaker 188号, likely better known as @momomo_us on Xwitter. The snippet from the page notes that whatever motherboard this is supports a single EPYC 9000-series processor with a TDP of up to 400W, and that system memory can go up to DDR5 6000—as long as you're using a Turin CPU.

Given a few curious items in the listing, it seems like this motherboard may be intended for a specific use case. It only supports eight memory channels versus the twelve on extant Genoa CPUs, and it lists a maximum TDP of 400W while Turin is expected to hit 500W or possibly even higher. Furthermore, it lists support for just 120 PCIe lanes, while the current SP5 EPYC Processors natively support 128 lanes of PCIe 5.0.

In fact, this motherboard seems more suited for something like one of the Threadripper PRO CPUs (such as the one found in the Dell Precision 7875 workstation we just reviewed) than an EPYC processor. However, those parts don't fit in the SP5 socket. These inconsistencies could point to this leak being fake, but we're inclined to give 188号 the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately, we'll just have to wait and see what the new EPYCs look like.