Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Gamers Discover New Duplication Glitch

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If you're a lazy (or perhaps just time-stressed) gamer working your way through The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and suddenly lamenting that you've updated the game to version 1.1.2 that disabled the easy item duplication exploits, don't fret—fellow cheaters have come up with another item duplication exploit for you to abuse.

However, this one isn't as fancy as the last one, and it also requires more effort. That's how it goes when the game developers publish a patch specifically precluding the previous method, we suppose. NintendoEverything has the details on the new dupe exploit, originally discovered by YouTuber Kibbles Gaming, which we will faithfully reproduce here:

  1. Save the game.
  2. Take the item you want to duplicate and fuse it to a weapon.
  3. Have Link prepare to throw the newly-fused weapon.
  4. While he’s holding it up to throw, press the minus button to open the map.
  5. Scroll over to the Adventure log and then down to memories.
  6. Select a memory to watch.
  7. Press X and then the plus button to skip it.
  8. Now repeat for three more memories.
  9. Press the plus button to go to the save screen.
  10. Load the save file you made at the start.

If performed correctly, you will apparently see the weapon and the item attached to it lying on the ground while the original items remain in your inventory. You can then take the duplicate fused weapon to the small Goron named Pelison in Tarrey Town to split the objects at a cost of 20 rupees.

Certainly this method is much more limited than the original dupe exploit, but if you've already updated the game, it's your only recourse short of deleting the game update data from your system and then reverting to the 1.0 version on your cartridge by denying the update when prompted.

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That's not a great option either, though, because the day one update for the title has massive improvements to performance. Otherwise you'll be seeing dips down into the teens and even single-digits in parts of the game. Maybe it's best after all to just play the game honestly, like the developers intended?