Zalman CNPS7000A-AlCu HSF, PC Perspective Hardware Leaderboard, and more!

Hey folks, the news is now back in full force after a nice 3 day weekend. To start you off, Windows Longhorn might have a name... Microsoft Windows e-XPedition. Well, it's better than Longhorn I guess. Like the article says it's all just speculation, though it could have been leaked for the purpose of judging the public's reaction. Anyway, read on and enjoy!

Kingwin 3.5" MS-350U-BK USB External Enclosure @ Club Overclocker

"To me enclosure for my hard drive are just, well, clumsy. Having one of these resting on your case or desk can really ruin an otherwise esthetically pleasing workstation. Black, grey, silver, beige, you have seen all the colors, and even Kingwin has fallen into the trap of just one color. but what if an enclosure had some esthetically pleasing design? Something like the first time you glanced at a Lian Li or Cooler Master case? Well I think Kingwin has done that...."

Silverstone SST-LC10 HTPC Case Review @ CoolTechZone

"The Home Theatre Personal Computer (HTPC) movement has been gaining momentum quite a bit lately. Companies are starting to see a market for this genre of computing and are giving enthusiasts more choices than ever before. Today we are evaluating the Silverstone SST-LC10 HTPC case. Before we dive into the details of the case, we are going to give a brief overview of what an HTPC is."

Hardware Leaderboard @ PC Perspective

"PC Perspective has published another Hardware Leaderboard this month, lining up three complete system recommendations for high, mid and budget levels. This time around we are finally ready to include SLI in our high end system as stock seems to have settled down just a bit, though the price on the high end system suffers a great deal for it."

Shuttle's XPC SN25P mini-barebones system @ The Tech Report

"Sporting a 939-pin socket for the Athlon 64, an nForce4 chipset, PCI Express, and an integrated Envy24PT audio controller, the XPC SN25P could be the best small form factor barebones system to date. Does it deliver on its considerable potential? Was it worth the wait? Read on to find out."

Zalman CNPS7000A-AlCu Heatsink @ ipKonfig

"Zalman: The name strikes fear into the core of all the heat generating CPU's everywhere. The CNPS7000A-AlCu from Zalman keeps up the battle against thermal meltdown on multiple fronts."

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