YouTube Star Lonelygirl15 Reveals Indentity

The story of Lonelygirl15 exploded faster than any ever thought possible, even the creators of the "show". CNN News is reporting that Lonelygirl15 is indeed a fake, being the creation of three friends attempting to tell a story through short videos. Recently there has been speculation that Lonelygirl15 was actually a creation of a major Hollywood studio, perhaps some sort of advertising for an upcoming film. That turned out to be false, but it's certainly produced, and not real as so many have thought.

"Instead, the three friends began the adventures of the doe-eyed, 16-year-old home-schooled Bree as an experiment in storytelling that they intend to continue on their own Web site that was launched Tuesday. Bree's inventors went public after fans of the two- to three-minute videos began questioning her existence and expressing disappointment that the seemingly genuine video diaries were a hoax"
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