YouTube And Spotify Join Netflix In Snubbing The Apple Vision Pro

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Mark Gurman and Ashley Carman of Bloomberg are reporting that YouTube and Spotify won’t be making apps tailored for the Apple Vision Pro. It marks another big loss of app support for the upcoming headset after Netflix made a similar announcement. It only adds to all the uncertainty surrounding the launch of the Vision Pro that is seeing the headset take shots for its complicated ordering process alongside how much the device weighs.

Not only are these companies not making Vision Pro based apps for their popular services, but they will also be blocking their iPad-based apps from running on the device. Instead, users will be asked to access these services using the Safari web browser included in the Vision Pro. At the very least, users will be able to go this route, although it likely won’t be the experience they are expecting.

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Unfortunately for early adopters, this might not be the last of the opt-outs. According to Gurman and Carman Meta’s lineup of apps including Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp don’t seem to have any native apps ready to go either. However, there is a possibility that these services are waiting for the launch of the device before officially rolling out.

It might be that Apple may not be terribly bothered by the lack of support from these apps. Gurman and Carman state that “Apple’s executive in charge of the Vision Pro told employees this week that he expects health care, technician training and education to eventually become key areas for the product.”

The launch of the Apple Vision Pro is one of the strangest in recent memory for the company. It feels very similar to the release of the PlayStation VR2, a device seemingly tossed out into the marketplace with no belief.