Yahoo In China: Between A Rock & A Hard Place

Doing business internationally always comes with compromises and tough choices, even more so when a company decides to open shop in a country as unique as China.

Yahoo was put in the unenviable position of either turning over confidential records that could help convict or refusing on the grounds of privacy laws which may not even apply in China and risk losing their investments in that country.

Yahoo chose the former and it appears that they're not being raked over the coals for it, strangely enough, on Capitol Hill.  Here's what lawmakers had to say:

"While technologically and financially you are giants, morally you are pygmies," Rep. Tom Lantos (D., Calif.), who called the hearing on Capitol Hill, told Yahoo's co-founder and Chief Executive Jerry Yang and General Counsel Michael Callahan. "This testimony has been an appallingly disappointing performance."

Being called a moral pygmy by a politician might go down in the history books as either the most  ironic statement ever or the harshest.
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