Xbox Series X Mini Fridge Is The Real Deal, Here's When And Where To Pre-Order

Xbox Series X Mini Fridge
Creating a meme that goes viral is one thing. But to follow that up by making an actual product out of a meme that was created and went viral? That's next level. And it's happening with the Xbox Series X Fridge, in miniaturized form. Fans wanted it to become a reality, and Microsoft is making it happening, with pre-orders set to open this week.

Microsoft created the mini fridge in partnership with Ukonic!, after making a full-size Xbox Series X refrigerator as a birthday gift for rapper Snoop Dogg, and also gifting one to a lucky winner as part of a retweet sweepstakes. It was too cool (get it?) an idea to let that be the end of it, and so at E3, Microsoft unveiled the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge, promising it would arrive this holiday season.

Right on schedule, Target will exclusively begin accepting pre-orders for the first wave of Xbox Series X Mini Fridges, starting next Tuesday, October 19. It will cost $99.99.

"Fans in Canada will be able to purchase directly from the Xbox Gear Shop as part of our first wave of deliveries in December. We will share more on pre-orders details for Canada very soon. Additionally, for fans in Europe, the Xbox Mini Fridge will be available from GAME in the UK (£89.99); and fans in France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Netherlands, and Poland can grab their own at Game Stop EU (€99.00), Micromania (€99.00) or Toynk (via Amazon)," Microsoft says.

The mini fridge is a cool replica of the Xbox Series X, one of the hottest-selling game consoles on the block. It features LEDs and "surface-features" intended to resemble the actual console, and can hold up to 10 or a dozen cans, depending on whether you're going by Microsoft's announcement (10 cans) or Target's pre-order page (12 cans). There's also a couple of shelves in the door for storing snacks, and a USB port on the front for charging your phone or some other device.

This will undoubtedly sell out fast, just like practically everything else these days. Microsoft alludes to this, saying it is working to bring as many mini fridges to Xbox fans as possible, with plans to expand regional availability next year.

It's not clear exactly what time on October 19 pre-orders will open, but if interested, be sure to have the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge product page open and ready to refresh!