Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Sparks Hope That A PC Gaming Handheld Is On The Horizon

phil spencer handheld hero
In a wide-ranging interview with IGN, Xbox CEO Phil Spencer discussed several aspects of the business, including teasing the possibility of a PC gaming handheld without fully coming out and confirming a release. This isn’t the first time Spencer has mentioned these devices, and it’s clear that he’s a fan of the form factor. These prior comments led to a lot of chatter online about a handheld being shown off during the Xbox Showcase. However, no such console materialized at the show (though Microsoft did unveil a trio of new Xbox Series X|S consoles)..

When IGN’s Ryan McCaffrey brought up all the rumors of a handheld console, Spencer replied, “So we should have handheld? I think we should have a handheld, too!” While he wanted the focus to go towards the slate of games Xbox announced, he would go on to add that Xbox is working on future hardware that include several different form factors.

phil spencer handheld body

When pushed for more information by McCaffrey, Spencer did seem to confirm that if an Xbox handheld is real it would be more akin to an ASUS ROG Ally and Valve Steam Deck, rather than something like a PlayStation Portal, the latter of which streams games from PlayStation consoles. "I think being able to play games locally is really important," Spencer said.

Another interesting bit to come from this interview is that Xbox is committed to Game Pass, even after there were several months in which pundits wondered if the service was really working for Xbox anymore. 

"Game Pass gives us an ability... you can go invest in Call of Duties and Diablos all day, and we love that, but you also get to invest in new things that come out, and we just think that's a really important part of the equation," Spencer said.

Here's hoping gamers get another option in the handheld gaming space sooner rather than later, as Spencer appeared to hint, especially with the ability Xbox will have when it comes to integrating everything with Windows.