Xbox One Hit Rock Bottom In Japan With Measly 100 Units Sold In One-Week Period

Microsoft made quite the impression at this year's E3. The company unveiled a fancy (and expensive) new Xbox One controller that you can customize to your liking, and even more appealing, Microsoft announced that it's adding native support for hundreds of Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One. Even so, gamers in Japan were largely underwhelmed by it all, as they collectively purchased just 100 Xbox One consoles two weeks ago.

That's not a typo, folks. Media Create, a Japanese-language website that tracks video game software and hardware sales in Japan, pegged the Xbox One's sales at just 100 units from June 8 to June 14, 2015. For a country with a population of 120 million people, that's an abysmally low number. Microsoft just hasn't been able to win over the Japanese audience -- the Redmond outfit sold less than 24,000 Xbox One consoles in the first four days after it launched in Japan, and only 1,314 in its third week. Now it's down to a measly 100 units.

Xbox One Pax East

If you're wondering how Xbox One sales compare to other consoles in Japan, even Sony's PlayStation 3 outpaced Microsoft's flagship gaming box with 2,633 units sold. Sony's PlayStation 4 took the third spot with 10,822 console sales, followed by the Wii U at 16,413 and the New 3DS LL at 19,620.

The Japanese market has spoken, and most gamers in the region couldn't care less about the Xbox One. With sales down to just 100 units per week, Microsoft has to figure out how much time, effort, and resources it wants to put into promoting the Xbox One in Japan.