Xbox One QR Code Scanning Demonstrated As Near Instantaneous

As we inch closer to the U.S. release of Microsoft's Xbox One, you can bet that you'll be hearing more and more about its features and functionality. Of course, a major selling point for the next-generation unit is speed: graphics and otherwise. The new Kinect sensor seems markedly quicker at recognizing inputs, and the console itself seems mighty quick at translating those inputs into actions. How so? Take a look at this Vine video, posted up by Major Nelson himself.

He uses his voice to command the Kinect to look for a QR code, which just so happens to be a code that'll grant one a trial period of Xbox Live. After holding the card in front of the sensor, the console converts that code into an action almost instantly. Seriously, it's crazy fast. If this is any indication of the lack of lag that will be present across the Xbox One, we're all in for a treat. Well, the gamers amongst us who will spring for a new console.