Microsoft Won't Make Moves To Block Mouse And Keyboard Use With Xbox One

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There are plenty of rivalries in gaming; we have PS4 vs. Xbox One, PC vs. console, and mouse/keyboard vs. gamepad. Ask a bunch of PC gamers why they dislike console gaming and odds are many of them will say they hate gamepads and prefer the mouse and keyboard combination. So why not use a mouse and keyboard on a console like the Xbox One?

Some feel that the mouse and keyboard players would have an unfair advantage over the gamepad players. Microsoft has said in the past that an official mouse and keyboard might come for the Xbox One, but so far, the only way to get PC controls on the console is using a workaround that requires an adapter. Microsoft says that it is aware of this workaround and that while there are ways for it to detect and disable mouse and keyboard in all games, it won’t do that.

Ybarra thinks there are some "helpful scenarios" where mouse and keyboard support could be a good thing, as he references in the tweet above.

Ybarra had said in September of 2017 that official mouse and keyboard support was coming to the Xbox One. However, he didn’t say if that support would be in games or when it might happen. The support could possibly be for social functions and web surfing only, however, rather than for gaming.