Xbox Game Pass Ultimate To Bundle Spotify Premium Free For 4 Months, Here's How To Claim

Microsoft is partnering with Spotify to offer four months of the streaming music service's ad-free Premium subscription tier at no cost to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate customers. It is not quite as long as the six months of Spotify Premium that Microsoft gifted to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate customers around this time a year ago, but hey, free is free, right?

"Play all your favorites with access to millions of tracks and podcasts titles. Ultimate members can enjoy ad-free music listening, music + podcast offline downloads, and on-demand listening with Spotify Premium for 4 months," Microsoft stated in a blog post.

There are some caveats. You have to be an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber (duh), and the freebie perk is only available to new Spotify Premium members. Microsoft also notes that the terms might differ by region, but did not go into detail.

Spotify Premium normally costs $9.99 per month. In addition to nuking ads, the Premium tier offers up some incentives over the freebie tier, like being able to skip tracks an unlimited number of times versus just six times per hour, being able to pick and play any track on mobile (you can only do this on select playlists with the free tier), download music for offline listening, and access to higher quality audio (up to 320 kbps).

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, meanwhile, is Microsoft's flagship membership tier for gamers. It can be had for $1 for the first month, then $14.99 per month thereafter, and grants access to over 100 games on console, PC, and Android. Microsoft is continually adding new games, with Xbox Game Studios titles unlocking the same as release.

Other perks include various discounts and deals, free offers (like in-game content and partner offers), and Xbox Live Gold.

The Spotify Premium offer unlocks Tuesday, May 4th. To claim it, head to the Perks gallery on console, PC, or mobile.

In addition, Microsoft announced a few other perks, including an NBA 2K21 MyTEAM bundle and Apex Legends: Star Wars Weapon Charms, both of which unlock tomorrow as well. It's also giving away a free R2-D2 in-game beanie in Minecraft, which you can claim in the Marketplace before May 6.

All these perks aside, Microsoft is giving a heads up that some games are leaving the Xbox Game Pass library, effective May 15. They include Alan Wake (PC), Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 (PC), Dungeon of the Endless (PC, cloud, and console), Final Fantasy IX (PC and console), Hotline Miami (PC), and Plebby Quest (PC). If you want to buy any of the games before they leave, Microsoft is offering a 20 percent discount to its Xbox Game Pass Ultimate customers.