How To Play PUBG And Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 For Free This Weekend On Xbox One

Gamers looking for something new to play on their Xbox One have a special Free Play Days weekend coming up that will let you play a couple of cool games at no cost to see how you like them. Free Play Days on Xbox run from November 8-11, which is Thursday through Sunday. The two games that are free to play are PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) and Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 (PES 2019).

free pubg

The best part is that players who don't have an Xbox Live Gold membership will be able to play online with their friends during the event, without having to purchase the online membership. Microsoft is undoubtedly hoping that players will be so enthralled with the free online play that people will join Xbox Live Gold afterward. Xbox notes that this is the first time that PUBG and PES 2019 have been offered in Free Play Days events.

If you want to preload the games in preparation for the free play event, Xbox says that some customers will be able to start downloading both games today. However, full functionality for both games won't be available until the free play event starts. Xbox Live members who don't have a Gold membership can download PUBG here and PES 2019 here.

PUBG might be waning in popularity in the face of Fortnite and other battle royale games today, but most Xbox One gamers will be familiar with the game that lets players loot and shoot opponents in an attempt to win the match; PUBG reached version 1.0 on Xbox One in early September. PES 2019 is a soccer game that promises photo-realism and lifelike player individuality combined with exclusive legendary players.