Xbox Founder Believes PlayStation 4 Will Beat Xbox One In Modern Generation Console War

Considering the long gaps that sit in between console upgrade cycles, it's a bit early to declare any winners or losers among the latest generation of gaming systems. However, we can make predictions based on early trends, and if you ask Ed Fries, the man who was in charge of the team that created the original Xbox, he'll tell you that Sony's PlayStation 4 is likely to keep its lead over Microsoft's Xbox One.

It won't be a landslide victory, though Fries sees the PS4 winning "by a nose" if things continue the way they have been. After jumping out to an early sales lead, the PS4 at last count had surpassed 20.2 million cumulative console sales through March 1, 2015. The last official number we have from Microsoft regarding Xbox One sales is 10 million units, though that was reported back in November of last year.

PlayStation and Xbox
Image Source: Flickr (Gage Skidmore)

Price cuts, gaming bundles, and other promotions have helped Microsoft stay in the race. The Xbox One now sells at $350 at most places, and that typically includes a bundled game. For example, over at Best Buy and several other places, you can pick up the Xbox One bundled with Halo: The Master Chief Collection for $350. Nevertheless, the PS4 has managed to stay in front.

"The two sides say nice things about each other; they compliment each other’s cool games. It looks to me like most of the excitement is kind of over in the console war for this generation. It looks like Microsoft is gaining a little traction back, but PS4 got a really early lead that will be hard for Microsoft to catch," Fries said.

Fries hasn't been with Microsoft since 2004, though he has a long and impressive resume in the games industry. In addition to co-founding the Xbox Project and building Microsoft Game Studios during his 18-year career in Redmond, he also co-founded Fireant, was a board member for Ageia, and has been an adviser for numerous game studios.