Xbox 360 CPU to get die shrink

In an attempt to cut down on the Xbox 360's power issues, MS will switch to a version of the Xenon CPU fabbed on a 65nm die process, beginning in 2007. The CPUs will be made by Chartered Semiconductor in Singapore, under license from IBM and Microsoft.

The launch of the Xbox 360 was not without its problems. From low inventory to repeated rumblings online about defective and overheating units, Microsoft found itself with a more trouble than it bargained for from day one. While the early launch was important to cash in on holiday shopping demand and gain a headstart on Sony's much-anticipated PS3, it seems like since the units have hit the shelves Microsoft's highest priority has been dealing with the problems the early launch created. One launch-time issue - supply constraints - appears to be solved. Now there are many more 360 units on the shelves in most areas, but what about the heat problems that plagued some units?


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