X800 Pros, Liquid Cooling, Killer Fans and More!

Happy Friday everyone.  We;re closing out another busy week at HH, although we'll still be plugging away on hardware all weekend long.  We've had a busy one this week so make sure you didn't miss anything!  It looks like we're not the only ones cranking out content for you.  My mail box was loaded with word of the latest reviews around the web.  So I got everything all lined up and ready to go.  Put a little extra in your cup this morning, there's a lot going on!  Here you go...

HIS Excalibur X800 Pro IceQ II @ Viper Lair:

"This card is fast, very fast. With only four high end cards to choose from (X800 Pro, XT, 6800GT, Ultra) this card should be on your very short list. With stock overclocking that for sure can't be beat, this is surely a winner."

Poseidon WCL-03 90Cu Liquid Cooler reviewed @ hi-techreviews.com:

"First we reviewed the WCL-02 120Cu and now we have a go at the new WCL-02 90Cu. Don't let the numbers confuse you into thinking these are similar units, because they are entirely different. The WCL-02 90Cu arrives completely assembled and is ready to be installed in your system as soon as you attach the water block to the the processor. No need to fill it, drain it or even burb the lines. We tried it on two different machines just to see how well it would work under normal operating conditions and then on a second machine with a 500 MHz overclock. So check it out."

Designtechnica Editorial: DVRs, PVRs and HTPCs: The Battle For Your Living Room:

"PVRs (Personal Video Recorders) and DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) are essentially the same thing – a hard-drive based set-top unit designed to record television shows digitally. HTPCs (Home Theater PCs) are computers designed to interface with your television and stereo, allowing access to all of your media files – and the ability to digitally record TV as well – in the comfort of your favorite viewing area...."

A preview of Half-Life 2 performance? @ The Tech Report:

"Based on everything we know, we can only conclude that the CS: Source video stress test is essentially a Half-Life 2 benchmark that's available to the public right now. Naturally, that piques our curiosity, especially since last time around, the ATI cards were absolutely trouncing the NVIDIA cards in Half-Life 2 benchmarks. There was only one thing to do: we rounded up thirteen different DirectX 9-class video cards for a Source engine benchmarking bonanza."

Kingwin Mutant X Review @ Club Overclocker:

"With 4 models available in the Mutant X lineup such as the MTX425BKW Mutant X Black w/ window, the MTX425BK Mutant X Black w/o window, the MTX425S Mutant X Silver w/o Window, and of course the one that you see here. If you are one of the people that doesn't like windowed cases, I know this review will sway you towards the kind of case that needs no introduction since Kingwin has definitely done a great job."

Microsoft Windows XP X64 Edition Performance Comparison @ GamePC:

"Microsoft recently announced a new version of their 64-bit Windows project, called Windows XP Professional X64 Edition. This 64-bit operating system, which is free for end-users to download and use, now has full support for AMD's Opteron and Intel's new 64-bit Xeons, along with a new 64-bit DirectX 9.0C API. We have compiled an overview of the core improvements of the OS over previous 64-bit XP builds, and have benchmarked this OS with AMD's Opteron and Xeon processors to see how these processors perform in a native 64-bit environment. "

SanDisk 256MB + Wi-Fi SD Card Review @ The Tech Zone:

"The SanDisk 256MB + Wi-Fi SD has to be the smallest Wi-Fi card in the world. The unit measures just 57mm long x 24mm wide x 2.1mm deep and weighs next to nothing. I'm still in awe that SanDisk was able to combine both Wi-Fi and 256MB of flash memory into a package so small. Many people mistaken it for just a normal SD memory card. Their jaws drop when you tell them it's also a Wi-Fi card. "

Counter-Strike Source video card performance comparison, mouse pad comparison @ AMDZone:

"We have posted up our comparison of video card performance for Counter-Strike Source. We include 7 ATI and Nvidia based video cards, and we include not only the HL2 tech demo benchmark Valve just distributed through Steam, but also our custom gameplay demo meant to reproduce actually gameplay based on our experience playing CS and holding 15 CS tourneys."

Plextor PX-712SA SATA DVD±RW Writer @ Bjorn3D:

"As serial ATA (SATA) hard drives grew in popularity over the past year or so, many users who fancy SATA's small cable and simple interface (no jumper) started wondering when SATA optical drives would hit the market. It makes sense, right? You get so happy that you can toss those large ribbon or round IDE cables in place of your new SATA cable for that new SATA hard drive, but then your joy is quickly diminished as you realize you still have to live with your optical drive's big, fat cable. "

25 Kilograms of Silence: Zalman TNN500A Case Review @ xbitlabs:

"Today we would like to introduce to you a really unique product: Zalman PC case, which is none other but twenty-five kilograms of aluminum, heat pipes, electronics and wires and no fans! Want to learn more about this extraordinary solution, read our new review now!"

Gigabyte 3D Rocket Cooler review @ HardwareZoom:

"The central blower fan has a speed of 3000rpm at 12V, it has a life expectancy of 50,000 hours and generate only 26.3dBA at 3000rpm. The purpose of this fan is to draw air via the fins and cool the fins at the same time. The beauty of this blower fan is that it will draw air from 360 degrees of the surrounding. If you compare this to the traditional heatsink design where air only enters from the top of the fan, this 3D cooler will be able to draw higher volume of air due to the larger surface area of the surrounding fins"

OK Folks.  Have a Great Weekend!