X1800 XT Crossfire Reviews

With the NDA a thing of the past, the reviews of ATI's flagship X1800 XT Crossfire configuration have begun to pour in. We've listed all the reviews we could find thus far and will give you a teaser of what Marco thought in our own review of ATI's latest pride and joy.


In the end, X1800 XT CrossFire proved to be a very high performing platform, that offered excellent image quality at smooth frame rates. We are a bit concerned over the instability we experienced during some of our testing, but we suspect these issues will be ironed out with future driver releases. We also suspect ATI will be able to wring more performance out of X1800 XT CrossFire configurations with updated drivers, as the company's software engineers get more familiar with the intricacies of the hardware, so the future certainly looks promising for ATI.