Wozniak Taking "Cuts" for iPhone 3G

What would you say if Steve Wozniak and his entourage cut in line in front of you?  Anything?

What would you say, on the other hand, if they tried to "pretend" they waited in line overnight, for good PR, and THEN cut in line?

In fact, according to Doug and Patrice Broussard, Woz actually never waited in line at all. The couple, who were there, said the Apple co-founder lounged on some of the mall's nearby sofas for about four hours and then ambled up to the front of the queue when the store opened at 8 a.m and simply cut in line. No discussion.

And he wasn't alone. He had his posse in tow, say the Broussards, who photographed the Woz playing big shot. Didn't anybody say anything?

No. Doug Broussard said it all happened too quickly and, well, who's going to send the creator of the Apple II to the end of the line?

Still, the Broussards said the people who saw it were unhappy.

Readers, what do you think?  We wouldn't expect the creator of the Apple to wait, but to pretend as a PR move?
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