Women Own More Game Consoles Than Men?

According to a recent study done via the Internet, it seems that the number of women who own gaming consoles is actually higher than men.  While the test audience is a bit small at barely 1000, and there are some large questions about the methodology of the test and the demographics of the respondents, the results could also be due to broader appeal of modern games:

“While women are only a small percentage of the audience for violent blockbusters like "Halo," the newsletter said, they are increasingly taking part in dance and music games, making them a fast-growing segment of the gamer population.

"The idea of gaming being just for the 18-34 male set is now out of date," said Ann Mack, director of trendspotting for JWT. "You're seeing women playing games like 'Dance Dance Revolution' and 'Guitar Hero'--women under 35 who want to do something fun and social."

Mack also noted the impact that the Nintendo Wii, a console aimed at casual gamers seeking a more social experience, has had on the female player.

"The Wii has really caused a democratization of gaming, because that has opened it up to all generations and both genders," Mack said.”

For years game developers have been trying to find a way to increase their bottom line by targeting the female audience and turning them into gamers.  Have they succeeded?