Wireless vs Bluetooth, Sunbeam Mid-Tower Case and Others

What's going on friends?  With a migraine lingering in the back of my head, I am going to cut the banter to a minimum so I can get some more drugs into me.  However, we do have quite the tasty selection of juice on tap this morning.  So, go grab a glass and dive in; here is your AM update...

 Wireless Bluetooth Mouse Battle: Microsoft vs. Logitech @ HardcoreWare

"If you're looking to add Bluetooth connectivity to your system, why not add a nice wireless mouse at the same time? Both of these products from Logitech and Microsoft do just that.Today we're going to find out which of these two mice is most suitable for different applications; desktop, mobile, and gaming."

 Sunbeam Samurai Mid-Tower Case @ GideonTech.com

"Today we will be taking a look at the Samurai Mid-Tower case from Sunbeam Tech. Featuring a unique look and an assortment of features, the Samurai might be what you are looking for."

 First Athlon 64 PCI Express Boards @ AMDZone

"We have been monitoring the availability of Athlon 64 motherboards with PCI Express chipsets.  It has been a long time coming, but you can finally purchase a board and have it in your hands this week.  Has Nvidia, ATI, or VIA gotten their chipset out first?  What we have found may surprise you."

 Shuttle SN95G5 Athlon 64 SFF Review @ AMDZone

"Shuttle has the smallest and most well built Athlon 64 small form factor on the market.  They utilize the nForce 3 250GB chipset very well, and having the first Socket 939 sff is also a plus.  They are also tops in overclocking options, and performance is excellent.  The price isn't too bad either at just over $300.  Documentation is excellent, and stability was never in question.  The fan control is powerful, and the improvements to the audio inputs and outputs make it an excellent model for a media PC."

 Logisys Silver Phantom Case Review @ BigBruin.Com

"With the computer case market becoming saturated with cases in hundreds of designs, the Logisys Phantom gives you enough of a unique look without going overboard. With the included fans and top vents, it will help keep your components cool without having to add in multiple fans. The etched side panel is a nice touch, and gives the window a little extra flare."