Wireless Survey Ranks AT&T Tops in Customer Service, Sprint Comes in Last

A new wireless survey conducted by J.D. Power suggests that AT&T customers are the happiest with their carrier's customer support. AT&T scored 793 out of a 1,000 point scale, taking the top spot among full-service wireless carriers. Verizon came in a close second with a score of 788, enough to top the industry average score of 782. T-Mobile and Sprint fell below the industry average with scores of 778 and 757, respectively.

Though T-Mobile scored under the industry average, it made some big gains compared to a year ago. T-Mobile was dead last in 2012 with a score of 715 on the same 1,000 point scale, but managed to skip ahead of Sprint for third place in 2013. Perhaps T-Mobile's "un-carrier" approach is resonating within the company's customer service department.

AT&T Van
Image Source: Flickr (mrbill)

J.D. Power offered up some insight into how wireless carriers can improve their standing. For example, J.D. Powers says that among full-service wireless customers who resolve their issue during a single phone call, satisfaction is 846 on a 1,000 point scale and declines to 662 when a resolution takes two or more calls.

Customers also showed a disdain for long wait times. When put on hold for 5 minutes or less, overall customer care satisfaction is 843; it drops to 603 when having to hold for 15 minutes or longer. This is an important stat, as less than 17 percent of the 7,195 full-service wireless customers who took the survey said that their most recent customer service inquiry was resolved in 5 minutes or less, versus 20 percent indicating it took 25 minutes or more for a resolution.