Windows XP's Popularity forces new Service Pack

It's no secret that despite the unveiling of Windows Vista, many continue to purchase Windows XP with their computers.  For some, it's the lack of drivers or compatible software that forces them to stay with Vista; for others it may be the fact that Vista simply doesn't add enough for them to move from an OS they've used and (more or less) trust.

It seems that the continued popularity of Windows XP has forced Microsoft to release a new Service Pack: SP2c.  The reason: they were running out of activation keys.
The new build, dubbed SP2c, includes no fixes or feature changes, but was created simply to address the shrinking pool of product keys. XP Pro SP2c, which has been released to manufacturing, will be made available to resellers and system builders next month, said Microsoft.

"Due to the longevity of Windows XP Professional, it has become necessary to produce more product keys for system builders in order to support the continued availability of Windows XP Professional through the scheduled system builder channel end-of-life date," wrote the Microsoft system builder team on its blog yesterday.
It's interesting that XP's continued popularity has caused Microsoft to alter its forecast for the 2008 year.  Originally they had estimated an 85/15 split in sales between Vista and XP, but Microsoft now expects a 78/22 split.