Windows Vista's Free Games

Would Microsoft ever forget about it's core set of free games like Minesweeper, Solitaire, and Hearts? Of course not. But they have given them a bit of a touch-up job, which is no surprise considering the emphasis their putting on the OS' looks. In one of their latest articles, GameSpot checks out Vista's version of the Window classics, and also covers some new games(Finally, Chess).

"Windows Vista's updated DirectX 10 API promises to give us better-looking and better-playing games by allowing game developers to get more performance out of the PC system, but Vista isn't only going to help improve those $50 games. Microsoft will update Windows's collection of casual games, which includes old standbys such as Minesweeper, FreeCell, and Solitaire, and Vista will also introduce completely new games including Chess Titans, Mahjong Titans, and Purble Place, which are designed to appeal to a large, global audience."