Surprise, Surprise: Windows 10 KB4535996 Update Is Causing Serious Issues For Users

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For many Windows 10 users, the point was reached long ago where there is little trust that the updates and hotfixes that the software giant puts out aren't going to cause new problems. With that in mind, it will be no surprise to many that the KB4535996 update that was released late last month is causing issues for some users. 

Multiple users have posted to the Microsoft Answer Forum and the Feedback Hub reporting issues with the update. Some are reporting they are unable to install the KB4535996 update completely; the installation fails with generic error messages like 0x800f0922 and 0x80070003.

One user reported that when trying to install KB4535996, it downloads to 100%, and the install takes considerable time to reach 100%. Once a restart is requested, the machine starts to update on a blue screen where it only reaches 6% and then reboots. The system then warns that it was unable to complete the update.

Other users are reporting that the KB4535996 update installs, but they see random freeze issues, BSOD errors, and other performance-related issues. Some PCs that have sound cards inside lose sound card functionality after the update is installed. One user specifically calls out a non-functional SoundBlaster after the update. Multiple reports have indicated that the February 2020 update causes muffled or distorted sound.

KB4535996 was meant to address issues with search and printing. The update was optional, and users can simply uninstall it. Steps for uninstalling are below:

  • Open the Settings app via Windows+I
  • Choose the “Update & security” option
  • Switch to the “Windows Update” tab
  • Click “View update history”
  • Click “Uninstall updates”
  • Select the KB4535996 update and uninstall it