Windows 8 Demo Units Showing Up In Best Buy

October 26th sure is creeping up quickly. And with that comes Windows 8. While Microsoft's new operating system has already hit pre-order status, and a slew of OEM partners are getting ready to showcase their own Win8 machines later this month, it looks like Microsoft's retail partners are getting into gear as well. Best Buy locations across the nation are now displaying Windows 8 demo units, allowing those who stop in to get comfortable with a tile-focused OS. Best Buy hasn't issued an official press release confirming the news, but reports are spreading far and wide that most locales have at least a few machines up and running Win8, and employees seem more than eager to let patrons try things out. If you've been itching to give the new software a spin, but aren't interested in installing pre-release software on your own personal PC, you can head to your local Best Buy. (And considering that Best Buy plans to match online prices this holiday season, you may end up walking out with something as well.)