Windows 7 Family Pack Vanishing After Dec. 31st?

Is it really coming to an end this time? Microsoft's Windows 7 Family Pack has been a rather hot seller, if not a very popular talking topic, ever since it was introduced. $150 nabs three licenses for Windows 7 Home Premium, and considering that many homes now have numerous PCs laying around, the value proposition is quite high. But Microsoft never said that this deal would last forever, and they also never said when exactly it would end. But the writing seems to be on the wall.

If you have been considering updating the PCs in your home from Vista to Windows 7, now would be a good time to jump. According to Amazon, the Windows 7 Family Pack (Home Premium 3-pack) is a limited edition product. More specifically: "This product is available for a limited time and will be available to purchase until December 31, or while supplies last." That makes it seem as if 12/31/2010 will be the final day Microsoft hosts this deal, and after that, it's hard to say where these will be in stock.

This is definitely a better deal than shelling out for three separate retail boxes of Windows 7, and if you decided against a new PC altogether this holiday season, maybe this is what you needed to spend that cash on that was left under the tree.