You Can Now Test Drive Windows 11 In A Browser, Check It Out Here

windows 11 running in browser
Committing to a new operating system is no small task when you are not used to the interface and are unsure where to start. However, developer Blue Edge is trying to solve this problem with a web-based mock Windows 11 experience that can give you a feel for Microsoft’s latest Windows update.

Announced back in July, the Windows 11 experience in-browser is a neat project built “using standard web technologies like React, CSS (SCSS), and Js.” According to the FAQ on the project’s GitHub, Blue Edge explained that it took upwards of 12 days to get assets, plan, and program.

start windows 11 running in browser

Though it is not the snappiest experience, the browser-based Windows 11 currently features a functional Start Menu, Desktop, Side Navigation, Calendar View, Window Snapping, Edge browser, Store, Command Prompt, Calculator, Notepad, Vscode, and Whiteboard. Also, in a cheeky bit of self-promotion, the Twitter and Discord buttons go to Blue Edge’s profile and server, respectively.

edgeception windows 11 running in browser
We call this one Edgeception, Edge in Edge in Edge.

While that list of features is already extensive, there are plans to implement File Explorer, window resizing, startup and lock screen, themes and background, and other apps. Furthermore, Blue Edge takes feature requests on GitHub, so something that you think should be added to the project can be suggested and potentially implemented.

With everything that has been implemented thus far and everything that is planned, not only is this a cool project but something that can be helpful for people curious about Windows 11. Furthermore, using a browser-based solution takes the hassle out of installing Windows 11, which you can do with the help of our guide if you are so inclined. In any event, let us know what you think of Windows 11 in-browser down in the comments below.