Windows 11 2022 Update Arrives With Gaming Upgrades, Bolstered Security And More

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Windows 11 has definitely had its ups and downs since its release almost a year ago. Certain features like easier descriptions of privacy settings were definitely a step up, though things like making it more difficult to select your default web browser, mail client, or other default apps were absolutely a step down. That said, Microsoft says the experience users have had overall has been mostly positive. Today, the Redmond tech giant released the 2022 Update for the latest installment of its desktop operating system.

Along with the update, Microsoft provided users a sort of year-in-review. It provides an outline of the features that have been added since Windows 11 was launched, as well as information on what new features are being added in this 2022 update.

The update includes a plethora of features and improvements. These include improvements to accessibility, more gaming features, improved Microsoft Defender, enhancements to Snap, the inclusion of a focus feature, and better connectivity with wireless and Bluetooth devices. A video editor even makes a triumphant return to Windows 11 with this update, though it is unfortunately not Windows Movie Maker. The classic staple has been replaced by Clipchamp.

Clipchamp in Windows 11 1920
Screenshot of Clipchamp in Windows 11

Clipchamp was originally a browser-based video editor with some pretty easy and quick-to-use tools, utilities, effects, and video templates. Microsoft acquired the company in 2021 and it is now a built-in-to-Windows-11 feature. This provides an excellent tool for Content Creators to take advantage of that is mostly free. The program's additional premium features will require a paid subscription, however.

For Windows Defender, Microsoft has implemented drastic usage and detection improvements for malware, as well as improved removal of those nasty things. The company has presented that it has plans to include identity protection with Defender in the future, though it did not say if they are partnering with a pre-existing identity protection company or would be developing their own.

For gaming features, we've already reported on a number of improvements that have been shown in the Xbox App like seeing how long it will take to beat a single player game. The update highlights these inclusions, as well as more than 20,000 apps and games made available thanks to the Android Subsystem for Windows and the partnership between Microsoft and Amazon to provide the Amazon Appstore.

Smart App Control 7
Screenshot of Smart App Control in Windows 11

Lastly, there have been numerous improvements to Smart App control. This is a sort of extension to the previously known User Account Control (UAC). Though UAC hasn't gone away, Smart App Control is far better to monitor and enforce for businesses. It allows for easier enforcement of blocking unsigned or untrusted installs of software.

The update is slowly rolling out to everyone with Windows 11. Those with metered connections may wish to rejoice somewhat—the team at Microsoft has managed to reduce update sizes by about 450MB. It is not a dramatic reduction, but we are pleased to see it none-the-less. If you haven't received the update yet all you really have to do is wait and check Windows Update once in a while. It should show up at some point between now and the next week or so, as it is using a rolling update platform. You can read the fully detailed report and change log on the Windows Blog. If you are struggling to get the update, you may wish to check the documentation Microsoft has published for getting this update as well.