Windows 10 Spring Creators Update Public Rollout Reportedly Stalled Due To Major Bug

Spring is in the air (at least for some parts of the United States that have finally thawed out from months of heavy snowfall), which means that it's time for Microsoft's Windows 10 Spring Creators Update. Or at least, we were expecting its public release earlier this week. However, Microsoft still hasn't flipped the switch to distribute the major Windows 10 update to the masses.

According to a new report, Microsoft had originally scheduled to release the Spring Creators Update on Patch Tuesday (4/10). However, a "blocking bug" was significant enough to cause Microsoft to hold off on its release to spare customers from needless headaches. There are no details on what kind of damage that this bug was causing, but it must be incredibly significant for Microsoft to delay the release of the software.

Windows 10 Action Center

It should be noted that the bug was uncovered by participants in the Windows Insider program. These unpaid testers use pre-release builds of Windows 10 (and other Microsoft software) to help uncover bugs and hardware incompatibilities to save everyday customers from potential snags in production software releases. Testers on the Fast, Slow and Release Preview rings were able to verify the bug, leading to Microsoft's decision to hold back on the release of the Spring Creators Update.

According to Windows Central, the Spring Creators Update (Version 1803) will not be given the green light for at least another few weeks while Microsoft performs additional validation testing to ensure that no more show stopping bugs are lurking under the surface.

The Windows 10 Spring Creators Update will include further integration of Microsoft's Fluent Design System, Nearby Sharing (which is similar in concept to AirDrop on macOS and iOS), additional password recovery options, and the ability to mute tabs in Microsoft Edge (for those that actually use the also-ran browser).

If you don't want to wait until Microsoft releases the Windows 10 Creators Update to the public -- and don't mind potentially running into the blocking bug -- you can check out our installation guide right here.