Windows 10 Redstone 5 Is Official With Build 1809, What To Look For

Windows users keeping an eye out for new versions of the Microsoft operating system have a new version that is now out bringing Windows to build number 17741. It's worth pointing out right up front that one big change is that Redstone 5 is now officially Windows 10 version 1809. Folks in the Windows Insider program are expected to get hands on that build in September. The feature set is expected to be identical to the 17741 build number that is out now.

Windows 10 yourphone

There are no major new features in this build, but Microsoft is still talking up Your Phone first and foremost. Your Phone is the feature that aims to allow iOS and Android users to access more of their phone information on a Windows PC. With Apple keeping a tight grip on the iOS ecosystem there will be a very limited amount of sharing between iPhones and Your Phone with one of the only features being the ability to share websites between an iPhone and Windows PC. Android users, on the other hand, will be able to share their latest photos and eventually to be able to answer calls and texts directly from their PC.

yourphone fire

Microsoft does point out in the release about build number 17741 that the Your Phone app is intended for Windows Insiders only for now. There was an error recently that allowed non-Insiders to download the app and use it on Android devices, but that error has been fixed. Microsoft says that insiders who want to test Your Phone need to be on build 17723+ and that Insiders on Skip Ahead can run Your Phone on 19H1 builds.

Build 17741 adds in a quicker point of entry for Your Phone with a new desktop pin that takes you directly to the app. Your Phone still requires you to download an app from Microsoft and to run Android 7.0 or above. Chinese region Windows machines are still blocked from using Your Phone.

Other changes in this build include an updated Emoji Panel that supports search and tooltips for Emoji 11 recently added. An issue with the taskbar flyouts losing their acrylic background has been fixed along with an issue with some app icons on the systray. Microsoft has tweaked the image size limit for clipboard history from 1MB to 4MB to accommodate the potential size of full-screen screenshots taken on high-DPI devices. A bunch of other bugs were squashed in this build number.

There are still some known issues that Microsoft is working on. One issue has to do with using Ease of Access Make Text bigger setting causing text clipping issues. The Narrator sometimes doesn’t read in the Settings app when using Tab and Arrow keys for navigation. Windows fans trying out this build with a Windows Mixed Reality Headset with motion controllers may have to re-pair the controllers again before the controllers will work with the headset.